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About Us

About Us

Dysphagia Care – Who We Are

The Speech Centre

Dysphagia Care started out as part of a larger speech therapy practice (The Speech Centre) before becoming a specialist standalone service offering dysphagia care support and swallow assessments to nursing homes in Ireland.

We now offer specialist dysphagia services across Ireland, and have grown year by year to become the primary private dysphagia service provider in the country. We have a team of specialist therapists on hand to quickly assess and manage dysphagia and its risks

Hello! Meet the Founder

Catriona Lysaght

Dysphagia is Catriona’s passion. She has spent the last 15 years of her career developing her skills and expertise in this area, and she channels this through her business. As well as her clinical caseload, she provides mentoring and supervision for staff and students, and is involved in developing the Standards of Practice documents for dysphagia practice in Ireland.

Our Team

Our Speech and Language Therapists

Every member of the Dysphagia Care team is passionate about dysphagia. We are all CORU registered, and many of our team are members of the Dysphagia Special Interest group or involved in research alongside our clinical practice. Above everything, we are all committed to providing an expert, efficient, high quality dysphagia care service and swallow assessments to our clients.

The Leinster team

Elaine, Sarah, Ellie, Rita, Susan, Nienke, Coline, Roisin… the list goes on. We have numerous experts across Leinster who travel to nursing homes and hospitals on demand, or can provide virtual input as an alternative. Just get in touch to arrange an appointment.

Colette, Rebecca, Sinead and Jackie

A relatively small team covering a relatively large area. These fantastic four know the roads of the West of Ireland like the backs of their hands as they travel to nursing homes and hospitals daily to provide an efficient and expert dysphagia care service.

Catriona and her team

Led by Catriona and ably assisted by Grainne, Marian, Elizabeth and Denise, Munster has never had such an efficient and accessible dysphagia service.

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